Playdates with Scriptures-A Weekly Subscription


Playdates with Scriptures

A Weekly Subscription

Playdates with Scriptures, by Virginia Wiles, refers to a growing collection of group and individual activities for individuals and groups that provide opportunity for adults of all ages, youth, or intergenerational groups to encounter the Scriptures in creative and playful ways. The activities enhance the ability to engage Scripture with mind, body, and soul through using an imagination, humor, and free-range thinking. Any question goes … though most questions give way to more questions rather than to firm answers. Playdates with Scriptures provides a spiritually and mentally invigorating way to explore the Bible.

A Playdate for you Every Week!

Every week, I’ll email you one “Playdate”–an activity that will help you learn to PLAY with the Scriptures.  (See a sample Playdate here.)

Learning to play with the Scriptures helps us build an intimate relation with these texts we take so seriously. But like a friend or a lover or a spouse or a child — “playdates” are essential to building and maintaining and growing a relationship. The goal of these playdates — and this subscription — is to provide you with an opportunity every week to habituate yourself to the delight of playing with the scripture.

Each email will describe an activity for you to use in your individual time with the biblical text. Each “Playdate” will include the following material:

  • A statement of the value of this activity.
  • A list of any items needed for the activity. (Simple things like a Bible, a pen and paper.)
  • A description of the activity.
  • Adaptations of the activity, for either individuals or groups.
  • Usually three Biblical References, as suggestions for texts to use in your play.
  • Access to Resource Material about the “Mindset of Play” and online templates.

In addition, you will receive a short “Guide to Playdates with Scriptures for Individuals.”

See a sample Playdate: “Bizarre Biographies”

Join the Fun!

The subscription is FREE! Please fill out the contact form below:

About the Author

Virginia Wiles is Professor of New Testament at New Brunswick Theological Seminary. She has been teaching Bible in seminaries and colleges for more than thirty years. Dr. Wiles also teaches frequently in public, non-academic contexts, including a variety of denominational, non-denominational, and interfaith settings. She holds a Ph.D. in Bible from The University of Chicago and a Masters in Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Spalding University. She has taken courses in stand-up comedy and performs as a comedian both on stage and in her daily life. Virginia writes fiction by night and teaches by day. Follow her on her blog: Ukulele Steeple, at Facebook (, and on Twitter and Periscope: @virginiawiles.


The Rev. Dr. Gregory J. Edwards says . . .
“What an incredibly inspiring way to encounter God, Jesus, self and others. This unique way of reading the bible helps rescue bible study from the mundane and mostly irrelevant approaches commonly used  in so many of our churches today.” — Senior Pastor, Resurrected Life Community Church, Allentown, PA

Rev. Jeanie Collins says . . .

Dr. Wiles’ approach gives us the permission to encounter holy writings with our right brain. I have found this creates a whole new space; a space where we can creatively express as we learn, all while developing better critical thinking skills. Added bonus: It’s super FUN and entertaining! — Director of Rutgers Protestant Campus Ministries

Rev. Beth Scibienski says . . .

What a helpful way to engage the scriptures! These exercises are more than creative; they challenge us to jump into the text, embody the characters, and experience the life the scriptures have to offer. — Pastor, Grace Presbyterian Church, Kendall Park, NJ

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