Playdates with Scriptures: Advent (C) Collection

Playdates with Scriptures

Advent (Year C) Collection

Playdates with Scriptures, by Virginia Wiles, refers to a growing collection of group and individual activities for individuals and groups that provide opportunity for adults of all ages, youth, or intergenerational groups to encounter the Scriptures in creative and playful ways. The activities enhance the ability to engage Scripture with mind, body, and soul through using an imagination, humor, and free-range thinking. Any question goes … though most questions give way to more questions rather than to firm answers. Playdates with Scriptures provides a spiritually and mentally invigorating way to explore the Bible.

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 The Playdates in this downloadable collection are for group use during the season of Advent C (November 29-December 23, 2015). The 34-page collection includes the following materials.

  • An Introductory Essay, “Why Play with Scripture?”
  • Four Group Sessions, each with a Facilitator Guide and Session Handouts for participants
  • Session Resources
  • Guidelines for Use
  • Links to online Essays on the nature of Play in thought and life.

The collection is available in a convenient PDF format and permission is granted for the purchaser to make sufficient copies of relevant materials for the group members to use. Buy once and copy portions for each group member and facilitator! Facilitation guidance is provided. Only one purchase is needed for each group.

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Make Suggestions for the Next Collection of Playdates!

  • What would your group like to “Play” with in Scripture?
  • Do you have suggestions for other Collections of Playdates with Scripture?
  • Topics? Books of the Bible? Sections of the Bible? 
  • Send me your suggestions! Contact Dr. Wiles.

About the Author

Virginia Wiles is Professor of New Testament at New Brunswick Theological Seminary. She has been teaching Bible in seminaries and colleges for more than thirty years. Dr. Wiles also teaches frequently in public, non-academic contexts, including a variety of denominational, non-denominational, and interfaith settings. She holds a Ph.D. in Bible from The University of Chicago and a Masters in Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Spalding University. She has taken courses in stand-up comedy and performs as a comedian both on stage and in her daily life. Virginia writes fiction by night and teaches by day. Follow her on her blog: Ukulele Steeple, at Facebook (, and on Twitter and Periscope: @virginiawiles.

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